UniDex — All about to Disrupt the Fiat Financial System

Bitcoin, a digital currency created by Satoshi to rattle the traditional financial system. The intention behind creating digital currency was to bring a substitute payment system that would act free of fundamental control but diversely be used exactly like traditional currencies. The system works well enough but the goal is yet to be achieved.

The reasons are complex, and cryptocurrency needs to be more user-friendly and bridge the gap between centralized and decentralized technology.

Bitcoin or any other digital tokens are not mature enough to compete with fiat currencies as the standard means of exchange because it does not support authorities and other financial institutions.

Decentralization is the essential feature of blockchain, which also does not help a lot. The community has long cherished decentralization but does not solve the problem. Multiple currencies are popping up rather than consolidating efforts into a single token to challenge the traditional system.

In the cryptocurrency world, there are always new developments and innovations. The DeFi explosion is a prime example of this, and it’s emphasized more unique features instead of focusing on particular tokens themselves. However, even with all these advancements happening in crypto right now, we’re still not seeing enough momentum to make anything more than a negligible impact instead of what could be possible if things were different.

A possible solution

UniDex is a revolutionary platform for trading cryptocurrencies. It is looking to make the best of all worlds come together on one platform. It is easy to use, simple interface that provides the best features from decentralized exchanges and professional-level trading tools.

With a team of experienced investors and traders, this project will help the cryptosphere overcome its obstacles. It seems like an obvious necessity because it would solve so many problems in one fell swoop; however, there have been no developments yet despite who is behind the project.

Centralized exchanges have unique trading features, such as the ability to trade with far more pairs. But users pay for that functionality by giving up their privacy; it’s difficult and inconvenient to maintain your anonymity on centralized platforms because of how easy they are to hack or otherwise compromise. Likewise, centralization is a pariah when you’re thinking blockchain. Decentralized networks provide a way around one point failure at any single location, which can cause all other nodes in the grid to go down simultaneously; this would be disastrous without backup plans like proof-of-work mining pools scattered across different locations.

The other issue to consider is there are many decentralized exchanges started in recent years. But there is no good way for people who need more advanced services than what these smaller decentralized exchanges offer. Someone with extensive experience can’t make use of them because they are just not equipped for it.

UneDex ambition is to solve both issues. You can find competing options in this new trading platform against the investor’s tools from any standard CEX.

UniDex promises to be a trading platform that can unite the best of both worlds, crypto trading and traditional trading. It is built with advanced features and includes listings for DEXs from all over the world, making it possible for you to trade in whichever token suits your need at any given time.

The prong advantage

The project’s real trick lies in its smart contract trading system. It is built with a purpose, namely to avert the issues that ensue from the limited liquidity found on most DEXs. This situation causes swapping large volumes bulky and slow and creating undue price fluctuations for traders at any given time, which destroys the profits of transactions.

UniDex is a substitute platform that allows for frictionless trading with all of the significant decentralized exchanges. It works by finding a perfect match from any compatible DEX and executing your order there.

What’s more, the DEX automatically re-evaluates the price conditions to exploit a better alternative and concurrently uses many parallel exchanges for faster processing. The adoption of plenty parallel DEXs to execute an order curtail the price changes effect in a single exchange.

The liquidity issues are hence solved using parallel partial trading across many DEX simultaneously. This method has an efficient effect on the available DEX for destining the liquidity.

The features outlined as yet would make UniDex a platform that aims to be all-inclusive for traders. It will have the features such as options, social trading tools, margins, and many more once the platform is matured enough.


The decentralized UniDex platform will give cryptocurrency traders the benefits of traditional financial markets platforms without compromising on decentralization and values admired by blockchain communities.

UniDex has made its way into the competitive world of crypto trading. It remains evident if UniDex’s new platform can find success in such a cutthroat business environment and appeal enough to the consumers that are already saturated with options. Only time will tell, but it’s shaping up as one exciting ride for those who wish to get on board early.




A seasoned manager and data executer turned writer. Love crypto. It's exciting. #Bitcoin #Tron #XRP #ADA #ETH #Litecoin

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Saeed Hassan

Saeed Hassan

A seasoned manager and data executer turned writer. Love crypto. It's exciting. #Bitcoin #Tron #XRP #ADA #ETH #Litecoin

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